What we might have missed!

Our  dinner at a Thai restaurant last night was great considering the rate from yelp that is not really  something that you would  make a reservation to get a seat.  I expected it to be too basic but I was kind of surprise to experience  a world class  restaurant  with  good food, nice service and the  ambiance was really  cool with guest singer who sounded like  she’s with the orchestra playing  yamaha clarinet. It was amazing experience and we pay only like  the two star rate for a value that is worth more than the highest a reviewer can give.

Don’t just rely on the review sometimes because  you never know what experience you might just miss.

Auditioner singing professionally

When I start to watch some shows online especially singing competition like The Voice, I can”t help but be amazed of how good these contestants are. I ended up watching endlessly and  keep  hitting replay button often. They sing like they are really professional and audition stage  is not their platform but rather a recording  studio, thus, they deserve Guitar Center, lafayette music to enhance more of their talent. They are just so  talented that you can’t stop watching them over and over again.

Looking for Portable Recording

I was looking for a portable recording device the other day at a mall that would suit my daughter’s interest. Honestly, I found it hard to choose a device based only on the display at a music store. Luckily, I found out that Musician’s Friend features zoom h2n features zoom handy recorder. I browsed the magazine and realized that this device is the one I’m looking for.  I should have listened to my instinct and got this one rather than go to store and  walk hours to see and compare from other brand.