Watching Live on Social Media Concert

Do you go to concerts often?  I do love watching my favorite artists when I have a chance. But when I’m busy,  I just stay home and play recorded ones. But that was a thing of  the past now.  I can  watch my favorite band or musician online, not just on a recorded video but is live on social media platform. They even acknowledge viewers like me right on time or  play my requested  songs. Just imagine how  much you save watching them on real time with their  Woodwinds & Brasswinds  while you’re in your couch.  Amazing!

Entertainment Upgrade


Never been in a concert for a long while now.  I got an eMusic card that I can use to any store online but not for getting a ticket for a show.   Entertainment  is not listed  in  the  items  for  purchase and  I am not  eager in going to any    events  too,  so  to make use of  this reward,   I  am thinking  for an  upgrade  of my  digital music  like   nord electro 4  or maybe  a  media  theater  that  I  can  spend my free time when home. What do you think?

Opt for Something New

I will not be ashamed to admit that my fashion sense sucks. Let’s just say that I am a beginner in this department. Before, my excuse would always be my little children. It makes me wonder how some moms can do it – I am amazed actually. How can some dress in skimpy clothes or layered clothing and wear stilletoes with their kids in tow is beyond me. They make me envious at time but I have accepted long ago that I cannot be like that.

And so, now that my children are grown up, I am beginning to learn. Instead of a baby bag or a multi-purpose carry-all bag, I can now opt for a sophisticated cobra clutch. Instead of sneakers, I can now wear wedges. Even my hair has undergone changes!

Cliché as is may sound but truly, everything has their own sweet time.