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Food Trip Friday #4: Pizza Party

It was my daughter’s 12th birthday last Monday. I only cooked my all time favorite spaghetti and the rest were only delivered, on time, straight from the oven, hot and fresh Pizza Hut. Special thanks to Ninang Karen, Camae and Kuya Karl for the cake.. and for all who came, thanks so much.

My fourth entry for Food Trip Friday.
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partying and dining

When our place was hit by typhoon few months ago, most of the furnitures in the house were broken but I did not replace the dining set furniture, instead we used extra stool available in the kitchen. I was afraid that another typhoon would hit again and everything will be wiped away with heavy flood. But when we moved to a new house, the first thing that I planned on doing is to replace the furniture but up to this moment I haven’t bought any for the house.

When my daughter turned 12 last Monday, some of the visitors found no empty seats available for themselves in the house. Dining Chairs were lacking in the kitchen and I was so embarrassed because I did not anticipate number of visitors to come for the party. For my big girl, the party was a blast, but for me, it was a shameful moment that I wish I have prepared a little more for that day. I only came to know that it was not well planned when I saw them partying and dining in the living room with my children and the other visitors.

I immediately browsed the net the following day and decided to purchase new dining chairs. I was glad to see dining chairs available exactly the style that I wanted to. Although the price is quite expensive, the quality of the furniture is really great. You can choose the design according to your taste. If I reupholster the old ones, it would cost me much money and so I came up with the idea of buying new one instead.