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Food Trip Friday #32: Lunch at Gerry’s Grill

Most restaurants at Bonifacio High offer European style. Since we craved for rice that lunchtime, we looked for another restaurant and headed to Market Market which is just few meters away from the workshop venue.

So Jes and I decided to have our lunch at Gerry’s Grill instead. We agreed to order the following; Crab Rice, Pinakbet and Lechon Kawali. Just for the crab rice alone, one can already have full meal. Lechon Kawali and Pinakbet are just too much to consume in one eating. We ordered two cold cans of softdrinks but my throat hurts so bad that day so I ordered a glass of warm water for myself. Thanks to the very accommodating staff who attended to us that day. The staff must be given full credit but I forgot to ask their names.

The Crab Rice
Pinakbet, served hot.


Lechon Kawali, served with Atsara and Garlic Flavored Vinegar. I actually wanted Grilled Liempo but we ended up with Lechon Kawali to match with our Pinakbet. It was very crispy and I love it although it was loaded with too much calories. I believe the vinegar sauce makes the calories disappeared. (Guilty! I was just trying to justify my diet here. =) I can do detox the following day, right?) 

My plate. I think I had about 4x of this
I look slim here and this was taken before meal. I gained two pounds after. LOL.
Let me share you our Gerry’s Grill experience. The food was great. For the price of $15 (P650) tax and tip included, two persons can already have full meal. The ambiance is just perfect for my mood that day. For grilled food lovers, Gerry’s Grill is a perfect restaurant to visit. When we went inside the restaurant at around 12 noon, dining tables were all occupied. It was already past 1pm when we finished our huge meal. I tell you, we felt that our tummies were packed full until 5pm. We had fruit shake and shawarma before we headed home and that’s another story to share till next FTF. 


My entry for Food Trip Friday. 

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