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Do not rely on the expiration date!

I always check the expiration date whenever I buy any food items especially the bread. I always choose a particular brand, Gardenia, for our bread and always take note of the date as when to expire. When I dropped by in a local drugstore nearby, I grabbed a another loaf bread  and  tried it for the first time and surely would be the last. It has a logo of DTI and the name of the bread itself would surely make you trust that it really tastes  good as well. But then, two days  even before the  expiration date comes, molds started to appear so I disposed it immediately. I knew that the temperature sometimes affects the freshness of the bread but I haven’t encountered such with Gardenia. It stays as fresh even beyond the date. Anyways, I’m posting this as a warning to always check and smell the food rather than rely on the expiration date.

Unique Ideas in Giving Gifts

The month of giving is coming very soon, Christmas that is. One more day left and we will be entering the month of December. It is the time of the year where people seem to be very busy listing down all their presents for their special ones. Personalized items like mugs, pens, fans, keychains are a common gift that people receive during Christmas. Think about unique items to make it more special. If you want to give a special gift for your mom, choose something that she will truly appreciate. You can either give her a dress or something that she will use everyday like kitchen utensils. You can also check a website to get some ideas that offer gifts for mom and list down the items that you think she will really love.

Remember that in giving gifts you should always consider the wishlist, the age and the personality of the person who will receive. If the person is into technology or gadgets, then a digital camera or camcorder is a good choice. There are lots of items to choose and if you plan it ahead of time, you wouldn’t find yourself in a hurry and you can select the best gift for your loved ones.

Food Trip Friday #69: Pizza Birthday

Here are some photos of my younger daughter who celebrated her 11th birthday today at Pizza Hut together with her friends and family. A quick post for Food Trip Friday.

Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Pops with 24 pullable pops with mozzarella and cheddar. One cheesy pop is missing here. Kids just can’t wait to eat til the photo op is done.

the birthday ice cream from Pizza Hut
and the birthday girl!

Happy birthday!!

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