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The Finale of American Idol

During the finale of American Idol, I wasn’t surprised anymore with Jessica Sanchez’ performance because I knew that she could hit all the keys and perform well on the stage in front of a huge crowd.  Many fans predicted that Jessica will make it but at the last judgement day,  Phillip Phillip surprisingly  won.  Both are deserving to win.  What really surprised me is that,   Jessica,  that used to be the judges’  bet  from the start  ended  up as a runner  up while  Phillip who has been so cool from the start  made it  with  his strums.  I guessed  that many girls  voted  for him this season.  And who wouldn’t be charmed with his  voice?   Any girls  will go crazy  to a guy who sings well.  Just imagine  a singer with an instrument  on the  hand.  That must be a  big  advantage.  It is a  big plus when one can play instrument aside from having a good voice.

Watching Adam Lambert now on  MTV makes me think that even if Jessica didn’t make it,  I  know  that  a  nice career  is  waiting  for  her  now.  I  believe that she will also make it just like David Archuleta  who became popular  despite  the  fact  that  he was only a runner up while  David Cook  was declared as  the grand winner  during  the  season.

Eat All You Can at Dulang Restaurant

Joyous Restaurant  is part of our itinerary as recommended by locals and reviewers  on the internet. I didn’t know about  the place but  I believed so that they serve yummy food.  It was already late when we checked out   from Las Casas  Filipinas de Acuzar  and  finding and dining  at   this restaurant   is  destined  not  to happen  that  day.

We saw Dulang Restaurant along the way and the banner “Eat-all-you-can”  caught  us that  made us dropped  by for lunch.

For the amount of P109,  you’ll get full with different choices of food.  Kare-kare, Kaldereta, Sinigang na Isda, Tinapa and more.

I couln’t believe it that I forgot to take the photos of the food at the restaurant.  I must be very hungry  that I forgot  my intention of  taking all the photos  for my  Food Trip Friday.


Dulang Restaurant is located at  Roman Super Hi-way, City of Balanga Bataan.  This is near Bataan Heroes College.  So the next time you get hungry near the  vicinity,  do drop by here and  experience their Eat-All-You-Can menu.

Coffee as a giveaway, why not?

I attended a grand launching of a hotel in the south yesterday.  It was also the launching of a clothing line based in New York and launching of a collection that is soon to put in the Guinness World Records.   A few of my blogger friends came to witness the event. We were given a pack of authentic coffee as a token after the event.  Why not?  A coffee addict like me would be more than happy to receive it.  I was  thankful  but I wish that the event coordinator knew where to buy gold so that guests and visitors would have  a  memorable souvenir too.  The food served at the event were  authentic too.  I wasn’t feeling good  yesterday but was lucky enough to have captured the beautiful view of the resort with my slr camera.