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Organizing Jewelry

I  spent  my  weekend organizing  my  things.  It is a real challenge for me because I have no space to put everything in  proper place.  I’m done organizing but the room is still in a big mess.  It  is so  frustrating to see bangles, bracelets and necklaces  tangled altogether.  I hung the long necklaces inside the closet  using the  hooks  that I got from  Good Housekeeping seminar  while the bracelets  were put  in a box.

I love accessories and every time I go to the mall, I would always look for different accessories especially sterling silver necklace  as it looks very fashionable.  I love brilliant color of accessories during summer.  Aside from the accessories that I  purchased,  I also got some of them from my sister who personally create  jewelries  for her business.    I am always tempted  to buy a  jewelry organizer and I think that I really needed it because my room space is limited.   When I went to the mall,  I saw a store that offers free organizer  but  it was so frustrating because I wasn’t able to avail it. I can only avail  the organizer  if  I have a single receipt of  P2000  (roughly  $50)  and above.  So today,  I just put everything in a box and hopefully I can buy it and feature here the next time I visit the mall.

FTF #98: Cafe Via Mare

Oops, wait..  before you even conclude that we’re   having another food trip in the midst of my troubled health condition, let me justify first that this was taken many months ago, when we would go on a food trip when idle summer becomes boring and have nothing to do but  follow our cravings.  Do I sound defensive here? lol.  It’s  actually a non guilty pleasure because veggies are a part of our diet.

Tyan ng Bangus Asado (285)


Inihaw na Liempo (P268)


Crisp Adobo Flakes (P293)


Via Mare
Greenbelt 1 Ayala Center
Makati City


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All About Candies

Candies with  sweet  taste  delight  the taste buds of the kids.   Generally,  candies have sugar  and  the main ingredients are flour, milk and flavorings.  For those with sweet tooth,  these are  real treats and for the  kids,  these are real treasure.  They are made in  different shapes, even stripes that  even adults will crave for.   Have you ever wondered  how candies  are made of?  Of course, you can simply say that you know all the ingredients  by  just  tasting the candies.  But it’s not as easy as what you think for they have secret ingredients too.   For small  occasion needs,  homemade candies  are  their  usual  choice  while  for  big celebration, they  purchase  them   from  a   wholesale candy  distributor for a bulk order.  They use new technology for the process.  They come in different colors, shapes  and packages.

A celebration becomes festive when these delights are present as a simple  token or giveaway gifts.   You can also use them  as decoration  for your  baking needs. After halloween,  extra candies  are  often  a sweet dilemma.    Don’t fret when you see a sack of candies because you can still use them for other reasons.   You can make it  as a  reward or as a Christmas giveaway, just a few weeks after Halloween.  You can also donate some to your favorite  nursing homes  or shelters. Did you know that you can make candy vodka too?  Yes, you can!  You just need to discover how.