Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

Coping with Job Stress

Not all stressful jobs are paid higher than the less-stress ones.   If you love traveling and your job requires you to travel,  then you are lucky   because you are having a good time and at the same time you’re  being paid for it.  So that’s basically choosing the right  job that will bring you less stress,  the job you love that is.

People who work in  a call center company describe their  job  as stressful.  They need a  lot of patience and  undergo a special  training   to help deal with irate customers while on the job.   Most of  them   go  to a coffee shop,  grab a stick of   alec bradley cigar  or some kind of  to  destress during  their short break.   Okay,  that’s their way  of de-stressing.  As a stay at home mom,  when I can’t handle pressure and stress anymore, I dump all my list-to-do things and  just  clean the house till I dropped.   By  the time I have finished cleaning, I have no energy left   to use  and I could do nothing but sleep.