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Choose the Right Niche

Tomas Morato  is a place   where  all the bars and restaurants are  located.  The place is near us so whenever  I receive  an invite  in the same area,  I usually accept it  and only consider  the topic  afterwards.   The  last event  I  attended  to  was  the   launch of  a  product  for men  but I said  yes  even if  I  don’t use a  razor.   The invite came directly from the PR  but it seemed like  the event planner  was not really aware of the   niche of my blog.  Nevertheless, it was my fault   that I  accepted  the invite even if  the article itself  isn’t  fit  to post in my blog.  I couldn’t  review the product  because it was a razor  so I just posted the press release instead.   While at the event,  I got  interested with host who is a DJ like performing with exciting traktor at musicians friend.   The topic even if not really interested caught me because of the witty host.  At least I was  entertained and did not get bored  during the entire event.

City Best Seafood Garden

I attended the launch of   Novuhair  3-in-1 Pack  last  May 22   at  Tomas Morato,  Quezon City.     The  event was held at  the  City Best Seafood Restaurant.   The  PR  emphasized  in the invite  that   the event will be an  afternoon  filled  of  good  food and  topic.

If you are near Tomas Morato, do drop by at the restaurant and experience the real  good food.  Even if I am not  Chinese,   I enjoyed the food  a lot.  Simply sinful  that I forgot the calorie  count  limit  that  I should  take in  every meal.

City Best Seafood Garden is located at 148 Tomas Morato Ave., cor. Scout Gandia, quezon City.

A Place for Old Books

What to do with these books?

I kept all the books of my older daughter  so her younger  sibling could use them  as she entered  secondary  at the same school.   Unfortunately none of the books above were needed as   my  younger daughter is now  grade seven  under the new K to 12 curriculum.  I thought I could save at  least   $150  (more or less P6,000)  this year  for  miscellaneous expenses.  I couldn’t imagine the cost of education as it gets higher every year not to mention added textbooks that are not included in the list  plus home reading books.  And that is only  for my secondary schooler.  My college girl is smart finding  second hand  book online.  It costs much less.  Now  I am thinking  to just   sell textbooks online  so at least I could  use the money  for other expenses like uniform and everyday allowance.