Monthly Archives: July 2013

Knobs Dual Purpose

Cabinet knobs have dual purpose.  These small pieces which  they call as  the “jewelry” are nice decoration to your kitchen and at the same time they serve as functional tools too.  As part of decorative part,  choosing these accessories should therefore be given  attention  like you are shopping for your own personal thing.  Of course, you shouldn’t forget their purpose and where these tools are being used.   You cannot just buy  push-pull knobs anywhere without thinking about the design. You can buy them online, department stores and hardware.  Browse different stores first before placing your order.   A smart buyer often  finds big  discount  even without a  good  haggling ability to get a good  price.


Check this out!   THE NEXT BIG FOOD ENTREPRENEUR Contest is happening again  with Mercato Centrale  in partnership with Summit Media to bring you the most prestige food contest in the metro.  The deadline for the 1st stage of screening (food tasting)  will be on July 25.   A cash price of   Php100,000  awaits the winner  plus 6  months free rent from Mercato.



Finding a Better Way in Today’s Business

Let’s face it. Traditional printing is no longer the highest demand in today’s business.  Marketing strategy  now becomes paperless.   There is mass email, instant messaging and other online tools to advertise your company.  Even the top publishing company offers online subscription  where you don’t need to pay and wait for your  copy.  In some cases you need to find other  materials  to offer your clients  by  web 2 print software  by which  this  system  does not only helps  your budget but  it  also  keeps your  business  away  from repetitive process.

It sure makes everything moves  fast,  making your advertising a  little bit easier now.   After all,  we all adapt in today’s business and find ways how to make our business going!