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First Hair Symphony Orchestra

I know you have read it here or  somewhere  about the unique  concert  brought  by  a certain shampoo  brand  with violin quartet who used bows made of human hair.    Amazing, right?    They staged this concert using a customized  violin made of   hair.  I couldn’t imagine how strong every hair strand  is  to stand a  240-minute concert of  four sets.  It  was a good  way to market  a shampoo to show its strength with a record of  no breakage hair stand  on their  bows.

Now,  think  about  classic numark dj mixers at guitar center  and  how it  would  make  a difference  from other instrument.  If  they made a historic concert  with high hopes of making it to Guinness Worlds of Records with the first hair symphony orchestra,  probably  they can think another event in the future,  maybe a customized guitar too.  What do you  think?  Let me know your thoughts.


Tofu with Spinach Recipe

I don’t claim to be an expert in cooking. I just follow my instinct and listen to my taste buds. During the event held at Fun Ranch, part of the meals served that day includes Tofu with Spinach. I never thought it was tofu because it tastes like chicken.   The meal serve next to our table  the following  day was the same recipe. I didn’t ask the chef the ingredients because obviously, it only needs tofu, gravy sauce and spinach.

Here’s the photo at the event.

And here is my own take of tofu recipe.

Okay it was a bit saucy than the above because when my children saw it,  they requested for more so  I added more gravy and TADA.. my not so epic meal for the day.
Ingredients:   Tofu, spinach and gravy.   Easy, right?

Supermarket Shopping Tips

Whenever  I  go  to  supermarket  to buy supplies,   it is always  my number one rule to check the  labels of certain product.  I became meticulous on this part because of the incident that happened to me before when  I  found out  that an expired product was included in my grocery cart.  At first,  I thought  to just put it into trash   because  of the  hassle going back to complain at the customer service.  That  idea bothered me  thinking  that another customer might  be  a victim and  would not  notice  the expiry  so  off  I  went.

When  you  buy a product  do you check its  nutrition label or do  you  concentrate   on the flavorings  or  its  manufacturer?    Unfortunately,    the full information that you needed  sometimes is not indicated in the product.   Is there such  a law that  says about labeling standard?   Consumer should have all the right  for information  and  that includes  the labeling, expiration and  ingredients.   The  government should be strict in implementing this for consumer.    Maybe  they can also include  some recommendation,  say for example  print labels at so that  more  business would know  what to follow when making  a  standard  label.