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Avocado Salad

My daughter prepares her own salad primarily  using her instinct  other than her source  online   without being conscious of  the  presentation and its  taste.

Salad doesn’t require an specific ingredient. It depends on your own  taste bud and how you want your salad is made.   Here is   our  avocado salad which she   prepared for  side dish using only a few ingredients.   We just put some olive oil and ground basil leaves for added flavor.

On a regular avocado salad,  herbal leaves like  basil, oregano, parsley and cilantro are included,  plus  Mozzarella cheese and sliced  onion,  garlic, and red wine .

I guess it works out for me and my daughter.  She trimmed  a bit and working out on some parts of her body that needs to be toned down.

Salad makes it more appealing with colorful ingredients like tomato cherries with green fruits  and fresh leaves.

My New App, My New Addiction

I stayed late at night singing at karaoke, yep, another app that my daughter downloaded in my  e-gadget.   I can hear the sound so loud like I have a  danelectro amp and what’s good  about this,   nobody in my neighborhood  will be disturbed with my  loud voice.     I think I am now starting to be  an addict again  in  singing  online.    After listening  to  Reo Brothers that do covers of  notable artists, I am inspired to sing 60s hits too like that of “Help,  and “I want to hold your hand”.   Thanks to this app.   My addiction is now stretched out to singing and it is unlimited.   Imagine at this hour of the night.   Let me correct myself I think it is already wee hours of the morning  but  my body is not showing  any  symptoms of tiredness and exhaustion.