Monthly Archives: January 2017

Reliable and Economical Equipment

I was recently invited by a friend to watch an event in their school. I was so hesitant to attend at first but since I had a free time, I accompanied her and watched the said event. The opening number was a performance by the school band. I thought it was an ordinary performance but observed something different from the sound produced by the band. I curiously looked for their audio equipment and found out that one of them used behringer p16 personal mixer system. The system produced excellent sound quality. I was able to talk to one of the band members and he told me that it  the affordable version of the Aviom system.  He mentioned that it is an economical and reliable option for musicians.  He added that it is easy to install.  One just need good headphones.  I thanked my friend after the program not only because of the experience of watching the event but for the opportunity to be acquainted with this instrument.