A Comedy Drama Movie

Today is a lazy day for all of us due to suspension of  classes in some cities in metro areas.  There is no storm but the southwest monsoon was intensified that brought heavy rains  and that also gave us a reason  to stay indoor and  watch movies that we’ve been longing to see for a long time now.  So, today is a movie time day. Among the films lined up to watch are romantic, comedy and drama. We are now lazy lying in the couch with popcorn ready to pop in a microwave. Good thing before even the storm came, we already have replenished supplies and have lots of goodies and easy to bite food.

I love the old  comedy drama Garden State  in  2004.  It is a comedy drama  starring Zach Braff with Natalie Portman.   It was taken in  New Jersey  as the primary location. I found the  scene  romantic  that was taken like it was in a  huge  electric fireplace  Andrew  (Braff)  looks  very  uncomfortable  in that scene.  I wonder about  the next  part but it just gave me a different feeling.  Most movies with this setting  really add  a  little spice, I mean another kind of mood and you definitely will  feel like you’re into the actual situation.


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