A different kind of hobby

When you  think about hobby, watching a movie usually comes into  your mind.  Many people spend time with  this kind of  hobby and thought about it as a  big  breather.  Well truly is, when I am stressed  out,   I usually  just stop,  switch  the TV  channel  to HBO and watch the whole day  without  thinking  anything  about  my  backlogs.

Nonetheless,   hobbies  like carving egg shells, beetle fighting and collecting unusual things are  something  strange.  People engaged in these kind of hobbies  could only explain themselves how it  exactly feels.   Not  everyone  can relate  but surely they have something to say really unusual.   There are other interesting hobbies  like challenging yourself  doing  custom jigsaw puzzle.  They say that this is not only a  stress reliever but  it also builds a  sense of  achievement  after  the big challenge.  If you have been into a puzzle mansion, you would be amazed with the  collections  of   the owner.   I was  impressed  when I saw  them  and couldn’t believe how  those little pieces become a master piece.

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