A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante

Finally after Venice Piazza,  I dined with my two girls in  Italy.  Yes,   we  dined  in  a locally  inspired Italian restaurant.

Before we went to grand launch  of  Cocina Centrale in Pampanga, we stopped by at A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante.    By the name of restaurant itself,  you would think about  Italian food and expect different  pastas  or  saucy  food.   The staff offered us menu but since we were in a rush to catch the bus off  to leave in 20 minutes, we settled for quick-to-prepare food and that is sandwich.   They advised us that it will take 15 minutes to prepare and even we’re not done yet with the order, the staff  advanced the order at the counter.   Too quick,  in less than ten minutes, our order was served.

They offer big servings good enough  for  sharing  for   small  eaters like us. Since we’re heading to a food trip in Pampanga,  we just took some  quick bite, leaving more spaces  in our tummy for another food trip.  We just  assumed that travel time  would make our tummy hungry.

We saw only a few diners as it was  not a peak hour for  the restaurant.

And  we’re heading to another food trip.   Can you imagine how  happy our tummies  were that day?

Nothing’s really fancy in the restaurant or maybe we’re just expecting too much of the establishment with  its name that sounds  like serving authentic Italian food.  I wouldn’t want to be biased because I haven’t tasted all their food yet, so I could only speak for  their sandwich, giving 7/10 for the taste.  The fries as side dish look  like they have been stored and frozen   for many days.   The price is   good enough  just  below  P300  for a full meal  for  the  three of  us.   They are quick in  getting  orders  done  and the staff were all  accommodating.   Two thumbs up to the staff who assisted us but  I felt sorry for not getting their names for credit.

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante is located at Trinoma, Quezon City.

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