Addicted to Horse Race!

People in our town are addicted to horse race. When the race track was relocated in the southern part of the country, the percentage of people who place their bets off track even becomes bigger.   People cannot control themselves anymore even if they have no luck and keep on losing the game. They believe that  quitting is not a way of winning.

It is not a surprise why many people keep on placing their bets in the horse race. They hope that their money will be doubled in the game. Are jockeys have total control of winning the race?  Jockeys should be provided with proper equipment.  I think they have the full power to  win or lose in the game. I have never placed a bet in horse racing.  Husband is an addict to this race.  He even used a horse name in his FB profile.  I wish that he works as a jockey instead. He could have excelled in this game.

One thought on “Addicted to Horse Race!

  1. chubskulit

    Hi sis, oiiist meron na din pala tong oatalastas hehehe.. Salamat sa tip about do follow sis, anku wag na lang , nawala na nga yung 2 PR3 ko rin eh hehehe..


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