Alfredo Pasta Sauce

Three pasta posts  in a row. I guess pasta is the easiest recipe for us and now becomes a  trend to our cravings.   My daughters love pasta and wouldn’t? Only vegetarians would say no to pasta.

For recipe today, I’ll be sharing Alfredo Pasta which I think is the simplest using chicken meat. Preparation will take only 5 to 10  minutes.



2 cups cream

1/4 cup butter

Parmesan cheese

salt and pepper


Garlic (optional)

Bring the pasta to boil. It usually takes 11 to 14 minutes.  Drain. Set aside.

Heat a saucepan and put a little water before melting the butter to avoid the butter to stick to the pan. Saute garlic in a butter.  Put the chicken meat.  Add cream and simmer for 5 minutes.  Add garlic and cheese. Stir. Served with parsley and top with cheese.

It’s not always pasta every week. It’s just that we crave for it these days. Easy to crave just as easy to prepare.

Alfredo sauce recipes were known as “al burro” or “with butter” in Rome.
Butter and Parmesan cheese are blended with rich cream.

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