All About Valentine

So how’s your Valentine’s Day?   I’m sure  that you already  have had enough of  Valentine   celebrated just  a  few  days ago.   Do you   wonder  why I did not publish  a Valentine’s post in my blog?  My answer  would be simple.   Fed up!   Just like you all,  my news feed has been flooded with flowers,  greetings, cakes, photos of  sweet nothings  from  friends in my network  all around the globe.  Anyways, I was so  annoyed,  oops, don’t get me wrong.  I was  not  bitter.   I was  just becoming so realistic in  life as it gets  tougher every day.

Mass weddings and other occasions are done simultaneously  all around the country,  all  in one event to minimize the cost  and  still  in  perfect   time for  Valentine.  Some of  them rushed to buy   wedding items  in a nearby store  while  others  bought  their accessories like   men’s wedding rings online.  As seen    in the news,  the occasion was grand just  like a private wedding without  much preparation.

Spending Valentines day  doesn’t need to be expensive.  Read somewhere else’s  blog  and you’ll see how this day becomes special  too  without    spending  a  dime.

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