Amazing Voice

I wouldn’t name the artist in this post  but I will provide you all the hints to make it easier for you to  guess.
She may not be the best singer in town but she’s a real sweetheart to those who couldn’t really sing well but have all  the full guts to sing.  If I may not be able to see her perform in another concert again, I’ll just buy a CD of her album in the local market.  Few international artists are now scheduled to perform in different venues for the coming Valentine’s day but I chose to just  listen to her music while playing on radio or when she performs on her noontime show.

She’s exceptionally amazing during the big dome concert last weekend. It was a big success! It’s a dream come true for every artist to perform on stage in front of  15,000 fans. I am sure that the instrument adds an amazing voice to this artist. I’ve heard her singing live that I could compare the big difference.  Do you know the name of the artist? Your guess is as good as mine.

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