An Upgrade of System

There’s an intermittent connection all over the Metro lately. Although I stop updating for a while because of my condition, I still am affected because my two daughters are connected with  WIFI  when they do  a  research study  and  search topics  for their school assignments. It  usually takes them a few hours before they get done. The service provider needs to upgrade not only the connection but also the business phone systems
as it sometimes gets busted and I poorly  hear  the party at the other end.

My service provider just called up and offered an upgrade of our connection. The customer service offers free  router and faster connection.  Faster connection comes along an additional $8/month. This extra charge  will be added on top of my regular monthly bill.  The router is free but I think that the additional charge is not worth considering that I have to pay it  in my entire subscription period. I already have an existing router and I can work with my present connection  albeit  slow,  so I declined the offer!

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