Are you a wise consumer?

Today’s economic crisis is no longer a temporary situation. We’ve been dealing this for so long now. Whether we like it or not, we need to be practical and wise in all our investment and make sure everything is worth in every penny that we spent.

Often, you’ll find different promotional items sold in a very low price. Sometimes we buy the products right away and later regret when we used them and found out to be so different the way they were being advertised. When my kids were still babies, I tried different brands of diapers before I settled to the one that never irritates or harms their skin just like molicare super plus. My elder daughter has a very sensitive skin when she was young, and still is, so I never took a chance using any other brand unless tested and recommended by her pediatrician. I wasn’t smart enough that time. I chose the most expensive diaper yet I could have one quality brand in a very low price.

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