Are you ready for the season?

When I say season, it means Christmas for me, not the  autumn or winter season.   Some might be wishing for a bountiful month  even though  the percentage of  unemployment  continue to rise.  You cannot delay  the season to come.  Christmas  won’t be the same if  you think  and define it as giving gifts alone.  It is not always the material thing but  the celebration of  birth of  the Saviour,  celebrating and enjoying the day with family and friends.  Christmas generally is giving by heart and not giving up.   If  you can afford to buy gifts, then go all the way and  surprise your loved ones with these gifts, whether a treat  to a fine dining restaurant,  cruise or a luxury yachts, classic or sporty  bulova watches,   a holiday in a exclusive resort or just  a  home made cookies.  This phrase might be overly used, “it is always the thought that counts the most,”   but as I said it, give  if you have all the means.

What is  on  your holiday wish list?    Let me help you  list down gifts to include in your list.  For teens,  you can give gadgets, musical instruments or sporty items  for boys and  cute girly stuff  for girls.  For mothers, you can give kitchen  items that you think is missing in their pantry.    Books, Cd’s and other collectible items  are also a good idea. There are limited-edition  items for the season so you might just  want to grab them as early as now and put  holiday stress out of your list  this year.

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