Artists raise fund for the victims of typhoon

The Back to Bass Tour: Sting Live in Manila dedicated his song  “Fragile” for the victims of typhoon.   Aiza Seguerra  who is also good in strumming the  guitar strings   played the front act  for the concert.   My heart  bleeds for  the victims of typhoon. I didn’t know the extent of  the damage of the storm  until I saw it in the news.  Some artists like PSY in his Gangnam Style  who will  perform a concert on December 20 said that he will  donate fund for the victims  of   typhoon.

We are known to be the most emotional people  in the world but  we are also strong and  always quick in   rising up  from any devastating calamities that come our way.  I just hope and pray that the most affected areas be given enough relief goods and calamity fund. It’s been more than a week  but some rescuers are still battling to reach the areas that are badly hit by super typhoon.

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