Bargain Hunting

We did something spontaneous last weekend by which I will blog later when I’m done with my draft post. This is just a quick post and snippet of where we’ve been during  that long  weekend. My friend celebrated her birthday in one of the restaurants in Greenhills and we went  shopping afterwards.    It was not included in our plan though   but since we were already in the biggest bargain shopping place,  my friend tagged us along in  their favorite store that offers  the lowest price.   Most of the items were   imported from  different countries.  They even have  instruments such as guitars,  piano, drums  and more.  We were actually  looking  for  musical accessories   and  other  parts  but ended up somewhere else.  I suggested a site where  she can buy items with no hassle at all,   lighting stands at musician’s friend  are some of  the  items  she included in the cart.     It was a  wonderful and   fun weekend.   I’ll blog about it soon! So please stay tuned!

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