Benefits of Brown Rice

I  serve brown  rice in our table for a couple of  weeks now.   I don’t really like the brown rice  at first because of its not really good  taste or maybe we’re used to white  rice with soft  though kind of  bland taste.  When I first cooked brown rice, I mixed  it  with  white since the first class brown rice was not  available at the time of my purchase.  Plain brown rice tastes like corn.  Brown rice is considered a whole grain and has more fiber than white.

If  you zoom in the label and nutrition facts,  you’ll read the many benefits of brown rice as follows:

  • good source of fiber
  • lower your cholesterol
  • prevent colon cancer
  • give younger looking skin
  • lower your blood pressure
  • relieve arthritis pain
  • prevent heart disease
  • control diabetes
  • prevent gallstones
  • improve your memory
  • prevent obesity

Vita Rice is a certified diet rice.  I am not after for its losing weight benefits but more on the  cholesterol and and  fiber content  for every  grain of  brown rice.

One thought on “Benefits of Brown Rice

  1. Pepper Tan

    I tried eating brown rice once, and swore never to do it again :). Despite its many health benefits, I simply couldn’t bring myself to eat it. I just hate how it tastes, I have to admit.


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