Block off the sun

I read an old magazine that features my favorite actress. She has quite a lot of collection of bags and shoes and consider them as real treasure. She is a swimmer and has already won awards in different competition. Although she’s much exposed in the sun, she still managed to keep her skin healthy because she never goes outside without any protection. Or maybe, she stood to the product that she endorsed, a skin lotion that protects her skin from direct sunlight.

If I am a sporty person, I would choose a sport with covered outfit like that of horse rider and would pick my  clothing from sale items.  I  knew quite a few ladies that became famous with this sports and they are still in good shape even if they are already in their 40s.  It could be funny to think about how I choose my  activity under the sun.  I consider one that will  protect my skin even without using a product that blocks off the sun.

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