Blurred Vision and Headache

I lit the tea light of aromatherapy diffuser that Honey gave me as a gift for my birthday. I felt dizzy this afternoon and need some therapy so I thought about having this alternative medicine to calm my soul. I know that it has something to do with my eyes because I used to wear reading glasses before not only for my vision but also for my astigmatism.

When I lit the candle, my kids reacted and said that they smell heaven and they really love the scent. Our home smells good in an instant. I should do this often especially on weekends. Just perfect while my older daughter is doing her yoga exercise. She’s been doing that exercise for quite some time now.

I know that this is just a temporary relaxation because my main problem is my eye vision. I wear eyeglasses while reading or using a computer. Aromatherapy stopped my headache but my poor eyesight needs to be treated very soon. I’m having a blurred vision now and only use my old glasses. Later this week or when my schedule is free, I will visit the optical clinic for the right lens to fit me.

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