Calming and Relaxing Music

I   need  to  rest  my mind.    My  life  is  filled with uncertainty  that I couldn’t sleep   well  these past few nights.   I  want  to take a sedative  because   another   night  like  a  vampire  is   just  too much  to bear.   My  heart  pumps  faster  than  I  could breath.    Is there any way  I  can calm myself?    I think I will  get one   everest shoulder rest violin at music123,   so  I  could  play  a song like  shine  on  to relax my  mind.   It’s a fast song but I can adjust well to  the tune.      I  am quite  tired  right now and   no amount of  pills  can  put me to la la land.   My  mind  doesn’t  want   to cooperate  and  is  somewhere  wandering, flying  in  never  land.

For now,  I will try  to listen  to  calming music  hoping this  will  soothe my soul and mend my mind.


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