Food Trip Friday 72: Calorie Loaded Pasalubong

I was too busy last week and missed my entry. I caught myself up in the rush for this holiday season and back to back parties. I was a bit stressed but my Christmas tree is still empty. Plan for Christmas? None yet. I haven’t had any idea to this very hour when to spend it. WE might watch the movie or go somewhere on the day of Christmas. Anyways, here is my entry this week.

I always bring something for my kids whenever I go out as pasalubong. I would always text them or call what they want but of course I would only buy what is only available or whatever I see on my way home. Yesterday, from BPI event, I bought a pasta, a pizza and 2 Wendys Big Single for them. One slice of Sbarro Chicago Supreme is more than enough for two small eater persons. I put the left over inside the ref and just reheat it in the oven for our dinner today.

Chicago Supreme (P172) slice

Pasta Puttanesca (P174) whole
It looks so dry from the ref but it was juicier after reheating at the oven.
Wendy’s Big Single ( P136)



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