Camera Battery Life

After modifying and installing new printer, my next target would be buying canon batteries that will be a good pair in the camera that I am using right now. I have tried different brands but nothing works longer and always ends up in a low-bat situation in most of the events that I have attended. I always want to capture everything without thinking on how many shots and videos will I make and how long will my battery last. In the world of blogging, a battery that can stand at least few hours is very important.

When purchasing a gadget especially camera, a battery life is a big issue to me. It could be no big deal to others but for me, it is included in my top list. I can buy extra battery but when you are in a very special event and you are on your way covering the highlights, easily drained battery is such a disappointment. You sure would be very disappointed missing one single moment, worst is, missing the most important part.

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