Cassava or Camote, whatever


I craved  for cassava two days ago. When I visited a friend in my neighborhood, they were having cassava for snack. It wasn’t the same camote cue  made of  sweet potato but the real cassava.  Before I even asked for it,   they told me that they only cooked a little and there’s no more  left  even a bite size.  To comfort  my  craving  buds,  they  told me that  they will call me the next time they cook cassava. When I went back home, the taste of cassava kept  popping up  on my mind  so when I headed the wet market, I looked for cassava but I  guess,  it  wasn’t my day.   When I went to a nearby supermarket,  there was  no available cassava too.  Unlucky!

Today,  I dropped  by in my friend’s house for  a good talk.  Before I left, she reached a packed of sweet cassava and told me to bring it home. Imagine my eyes,  when I saw a  cassava  from my deepest  cravings. It was like seeing a spring  in the middle of a deserted island.  My eyes were rolling like a  yoyo!  So when I got home,  I  messaged  my friend and told her that I just had a very lucky day.  I just couldn’t  believe it.   If  I am exaggerating  the meaning of cassava, oh well it’s just me.  It just made my day.   Of  course it  wasn’t  about  cassava.  It  was simply my way to make things simplier  and  lighter for all of us.

So as the saying goes…  don’t  look for cassava,  let  cassava   find you… that’s why it’s called  camote, err cassava,  you don’t force yourself  to cassava,  you just do.

I am not closing this post with only  junks on search engine  so  I’m  leaving a few   benefits of cassava.

Benefits of Cassava

Cassava contains a  lot of  health benefits.  It is good for low-calorie diet as it has carbohydrate  contenct that is lower that rice and  bread.  Even if  you only  eat a small amount, you feel full because of its high fiber content. 

Cassava contains a lot of  fiber  or  insoluble fiber  that smooth the process of defecation an able to absorb and remove toxins in the intestine and that simply means healthy digestion. 

 Cassava is an antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-tumor and increases ones appetite. Cassava tubers contain calories,  protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosporus, iron, vitamin B and C and stach. Leaves contain vitamins A, B1 and C, Calcium, calories, forfor, protein, fat, carbohydrate, and iron.  Cassava bark contains tannin, peroxidase enzymes, glycosides, and calcium oxalate.


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