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Andrew Zimmern in Bizarre Foods of Asia

Have you watched Andrew Zimmern in his Bizarre Foods of Asia at Travel Channel? Okay, it’s actually a repeated show where my younger daughter kept watching and never get bored over and over again. She said that she wanted to be like him someday, to travel and search for the most unique and bizarre food in the world.

While she was watching TV the other night where Andrew featured the Philippines, (was first aired February of 2007) I joined with my daughter and witnessed how Andrew actually tasted different exotic and unique food that can only be found in the Philippines. He said that eating ice cream in a bun is something different. It’s more fun in the Philippines right?

What else did he eat during his trip in the Philippines? He ate Balot and Tokneneng, Water Crickets, Soup #5, Mangrove Worms, Coconut Grubs, Okoy, Bamboo Shoots and Stuffed Frog.

Andrew Zimmern (born July 4, 1961 in New York City) is a television personality, chef, food writer, and teacher. He is the co-creator, host, and consulting producer of the Travel Channel series Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World. For his work on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern he was presented the James Beard Foundation Award in 2010. He also hosts the show Dining with Death which explains some of the foods that could cause death. (source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)