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Walter Bread Cook Off

As I’ve posted earlier about participating in  Walter Cook Off   last Sunday,  my tired body didn’t make it and  said no  as  I was dead tired  after our two-day  trip. I  missed the cooking contest though it only requires to prepare/cook Walter bread as main ingredient.   Joy of  Occasions of  Joy,  though tired and busy with her  jampacked  schedule that day,  hosted a party in the morning,  not to mention the tiring but wonderful  weekend trip,  went all the way to Robinson’s Pioneer and joined Walterrific recipes Cook Off.   Oh, I must be very tired to    use tired over and over again in this post.  Sorry if I’m being redundant.

Preparing Walter Tuna Sandwich with a smile. And  that smile  made her sandwich the best,  don’t you think?


All the contestants went home with Electrolux Microwave oven and Pyrex kitchenware.

Congratulations to Joy of Occasions of Joy!  I  sure am,  she made the yummiest  sandwich  ever.   If  it’s  from Walter, it must be packed with nutrients!


Full credit  to Joy of Occasions of Joy for all the photos above.

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