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Sinaing na Tulingan

Sinaing na Tulingan, is a  usual dish  in my home province,  Batangas. I grew up with this  kind of meal  in our table.  We always have sinaing na tulingan in a pot and reheat it everyday until it becomes almost fried to last for a longer time. It goes well with ginatang langka.

Mang Ramon and Aling Nene (not their real names)  sell  Tulingan often  in our street.  They would always stop by in our house with their Sinaing na Tulingan and Laing.  Mang Ramon has a stroller with laing  while Aling Nene has Tulingan in  a pot carrying them in her head.  They came from Batangas, hired a jeep and traveled all the way to Manila, together with other  biyaheros or maglalako with various items.  They pay only P300 (more or less $8)  for a back-and-forth ride.  The jeep would drop them in a terminal and they would see again by 2pm in the same day, at  the same place back home.  If  they came late  and extended their hours in the street,  they would ride in a bus and pay for an extra fare.

When the couple  shared me a few details of their lives, having all their children graduated from college out of selling Sinaing na Tulingan, I was inspired a lot.  They sell almost half cheaper of the price from the ones sold in a mall.  It  costs only  P35 each  or 3  for  P100 (roughly $2.5)  and  laing   for only  P35 ($0.80)
It is authentic like how I remember  the way mother cooked during my childhood years.  By the way,  Mang Ramon added that they cooked Sinaing na Tulingan for ten hours making it more flavorful  and tender  where you can almost eat everything including the fish bone.

Sinaing na Tulingan is a tuna cooked in Palayok ( a native clay pot)  with dried kamyas, salt, ginger and other flavorings.

Food Trip Friday #58: Pixie’s Bangus Sinugba

Pixies Sinugba, Ang Inihaw na walang kaliskis” We had our first Sinugba last week from Pixie’s  to know and discover   how it tastes. I usually cook Bangus wrapped in a banana leaf, stuffed with other ingredients when I’m tired of preparing the charcoal grill.  We don’t have electric grill btw. True enough, the tagline uulit ka sarap will  have its second, third, fourth and so on because of its unique taste.  It has a secret ingredient (and is no longer a secret) lemon grass, aside from tomato and onion. Thinking about the menu for the day is sometimes hard but with Sinugba’s, I just need to place the order, wait for 10 to 15  minutes and it’s done.  One Sinugba Bangus costs P198, roughly $4.5

Imagine yourself eating with hands with soy sauce, (toyo) sili and calamansi. Perfect side dish is unripe mango or inihaw na talong. Now I am craving  and it’s past midnight.