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Big Red Barn

At Fun Ranch,  Big Red Barn serves sumptuous food meal which is readily available upon order.  Just give them ten or  a few minutes to prepare.  This is what we ordered at Big Red Barn.

After the tiring unlimited rides,  the children were  starving  and ate  as fast as they could.   They feasted over the first  to serve food like  Spaghetti and Carbonara. And all these were gone in a few minutes even the next order was yet to be served.   They liked the red spaghetti though and carbonara.

And we added cups of rice to go on with crispy chicken.


And for dieting moms, us,  because we  live a healthy life style,  we ordered  Classic Caesar  Salad. 🙂

But we ordered another family  pizza..

And fries..

These young ladies were eating like princesses..

And moms were eating like queens..

In our messy face, in messy table, all the food were gone in a flash..

Check the website  or email  for reservations and inquiries.



Tofu with Spinach Recipe

I don’t claim to be an expert in cooking. I just follow my instinct and listen to my taste buds. During the event held at Fun Ranch, part of the meals served that day includes Tofu with Spinach. I never thought it was tofu because it tastes like chicken.   The meal serve next to our table  the following  day was the same recipe. I didn’t ask the chef the ingredients because obviously, it only needs tofu, gravy sauce and spinach.

Here’s the photo at the event.

And here is my own take of tofu recipe.

Okay it was a bit saucy than the above because when my children saw it,  they requested for more so  I added more gravy and TADA.. my not so epic meal for the day.
Ingredients:   Tofu, spinach and gravy.   Easy, right?

Unlimited Meals Everyday at Success Lounge International

If there was a restobar that makes you wealthier and more prosperous each time you’re there, wouldn’t you hang out in that place often?  John Calub, Philippines’ number one Success Coach, recently opened his newest venture, Success Lounge International (SLI). SLI is positioned to become the country’s premier business lounge and restobar, a place where positive people can meet, synergize on million peso ideas, do business, relax and have fun. According to John Calub, who has been popularly known to be the country’s most sought after motivational speaker and coach, “this restobar is designed to take those striving for success in their business and careers to higher levels of achievement.”

Many people who look at the logo of SLI wonder why there is a bamboo included. According to John Calub, the bamboo tree is the tree of success. The bamboo tree is very resilient. Even in tough weather, it bends but it doesn’t break.

The whole restobar incorporates  a bamboo theme. The serving dishes are made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo is  a sustainable resource and is highly biodegradable.

SLI is the first bamboo restaurant in the Philippines. You can order food such as soup, bambutido, bamburger, bamboo lumpia, etc. A special healthy coffee called bambrew is also available.


Beef Salpicao

Crispy Barbecue Spareribs


Seafood Stew

Shrimp Aligue Pasta


Thai Barbeque

Unli Kare-Kare

Vanilla Ice Cream

SLI is the first to launch in the Philippines UNLIMITED MEALS for only P168.  That means UNLIMITED RICE! UNLIMITED ULAM PA!” for everyone! The word “SUCCESS” is often associated with the word “UNLIMITED”,  thus John Calub  decided to take eating to another level by making you eat without limits. The price is taken from the Chinese prosperity number-168.

For the unlimited meals, everyday a certain viand is served on your plate with rice. and you can continue replenishing either your rice or viand as much as you want. Viands include Premium T-Bone Steak, US Roasted Beef Bely, Sisig, Grilled Liempo, Kare-Kare, Beef Steak, Chicken BBQ, Boneless BangusAlaPobre, Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Hungarian Sausage, Patatim and more! To know which viand is set for the day, simply  “LIKE” the Success Lounge International Facebook Page at  Cut off for unlimited meals is 10pm daily.

Success Lounge International is located in 238 Scout Bayoran Street corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Currently operating hours of the restobar is from 5:00 pm to 2:00am. It is soon to open for breakfast and lunch as well. For functions, private parties, feasting and other reservations, you may call 351-43-78 during operating hours.