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Count the Calories

I used to count the calories that I have in my meal everyday but lose track of it and started to gain more pounds again. I am now ten pounds heavier. Can you tell how many calories do I have in this meal. I had this for lunch during the launch of Football Clinic held at Shangri-La. There is about 348 calories for salmon alone. Now count the rest.

Banana a Day!

If you see Señorita Bananas along your way, most likely you are in Southern part of Luzon, Batangas or Tagatay. This variety of banana easily fall off from bunch.

Here are some various benefits that you will get from eating bananas regularly.

A Good Source of Potassium
Vital Vitamins and Minerals
High in Fiber
Amino acid called tryptophan
Natural solution to hangovers
As a natural antacid

Soyami for a Healthy Tomorrow

I got this Soyami Healthy Lunchbox during Nutritious and Delicious Lesson last Saturday held at Active Fun, SM City Annex. The Pinoy Biggest Loser Nutritionist Nadine Tengco was present during the show and shared the healthy lunchbox, the perfect healthy snack and meal for school and office.

MID -AM Snack

School : Choco-Banana Smoothie
Soyami Cheese
Office: Banana-Nut Smoothie
Soyami Cheese


Mac n’ Cheese (with soyami Pizza)
Flavoured Water


Tuna Nuggets (with Soyami Plain)
Terriyak/Bbg sauce
Flavoured Water

Serves 1

250 ml Calcium Fortified Choco Milk
1 Medium Banana

Blend Ingredients together. Freeze the night before so it’s partially frozen during recess time. Remove from freezer at least 3 hours before am recess time.

Rich in calcium, potassium and fiber – BRAIN, BONE, ENERGY.

Here’s more information about Soyami for the kid’s healthy tomorrow.

Moms always want to start teaching their kids the value of a healthy eating habit. Offering your kids a variety of healthy food choices will help them to become healthy eating patterns that last a lifetime.

Soy-enhanced foods can add variety and nutritive value to children’s diet without sacrificing taste. Soy foods are readily accepted and enjoyed by children and adolescents as tasty alternatives to meat and dairy.

Incorporating soy into meals help decrease fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories, and increase fiber, while still providing children with key vitamins and minerals.

Soy contains many essential nutrients important for growth and development, and works well as a primary source of protein without contributing excess calories.

Source: Soy Foods Association of North America
Soy blends well with other ingredients, even extreme flavors.
Soy can provide added fiber to kid’s diets
Soy is a cost-effective ingredient
Offering healthier meals and snacks is a top priority in preventing childhood obesity and reducing disease risk.
Provide healthy alternative to kid’s snacking with Soyami Soya Chips. It’s made from 100% real soya, no MSG, no trans-fat, non-GMO. There are many interesting ways to enjoy Soyami Soya Chips that your kids will love:

  • Baon to school
  • Afternoon snacks during the weekends
  • Side chips along with their favorite sandwich
  • Crush and use as breading for chicken fingers or as extender in  chicken nuggets
  • Crumble into pieces and use as topping