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Charmed by Fountain!

If you notice in almost inside the malls around the metro, there are fountains that serve as gathering place for shoppers. It also serves as a relaxing place for those who want to take a little rest at the bench facing the fountain. Wall fountain inside the mall or in the house contributes a lotĀ  evenĀ  those who believe that it brings a good luck. Looking at those fountains charmed me and I felt good in it.

Please check out the website that sells wall fountain and other wall accent that will add a big difference in your house. Items are on a sale price where you can save up to 35% discount from the original price like Lightweight NSI Pebble/Slate Large Sycamore Springs Fountain. This item is a great centerpiece in any table with lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. I simply love those pebbles in the photo below where water flows. The frame highlighted in dark copper gives a classic look. Simple yet gorgeous!