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FTF #79: Lucban Longganisa

I went to PIFBEX exhibit at PICC along with my kids last Sunday and witnessed different amazing products and food that  are yet to introduce in the market. One of those that I couldn’t resist to take home was Lucban Longanisa. This is used to be my usual meal about two decades ago whenever a friend visited their home in Lucban province and brought us longganisa as pasalubong.

I asked the exhibitor/staff on how long these longganisas would keep their freshness if left unfridged. The staff said that longganisa can actually last for a week when fully dried and hanged in the air.  In my case, I actually don’t need to keep them inside my fridge or hang them for a week because I can consume them in one eating.

Now tell me, are these yummy? I sure am, you can actually tell their  great taste.

Up Close for your cravings.. Perfect with hot steamy rice along with vinegar and chili on the side.

These longganisas are really irresistible! I opened and examined one to check its ingredients. The native garlic that they used and other organic ingredients just made these longganisas authentic. The stronger garlic flavor truly adds a lot and contributes to its great taste. I hope I had a longer time in the exhibit, I could have asked the exhibitor about the ingredients and how to make them.


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