Choose the Right Niche

Tomas Morato  is a place   where  all the bars and restaurants are  located.  The place is near us so whenever  I receive  an invite  in the same area,  I usually accept it  and only consider  the topic  afterwards.   The  last event  I  attended  to  was  the   launch of  a  product  for men  but I said  yes  even if  I  don’t use a  razor.   The invite came directly from the PR  but it seemed like  the event planner  was not really aware of the   niche of my blog.  Nevertheless, it was my fault   that I  accepted  the invite even if  the article itself  isn’t  fit  to post in my blog.  I couldn’t  review the product  because it was a razor  so I just posted the press release instead.   While at the event,  I got  interested with host who is a DJ like performing with exciting traktor at musicians friend.   The topic even if not really interested caught me because of the witty host.  At least I was  entertained and did not get bored  during the entire event.

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