Comfort Food for Rainy Days


We were trapped inside the house for three days.   We were  not  really affected  by the typhoon because our house is elevated   about  half and  a meter  above the street   though  all  the roads    were already   flooded.  Some areas were already submerged   in  waist deep flood.  Before even the storm came, I already  had predicted   the weather and  bought supplies good  for  a  week.

When you’re trapped, you could be creative and cook whatever ingredient  is available in the kitchen. I  cooked chicken soup using San Remo penne without the veggies.  I have enough canned goods  but these ingredients, vegetables,   were not present in my vegetable bin.  This morning, as soon as the flood subsided, I went  out and bought ingredients  for Beef  Nilaga.   It is still raining  as of  this  pressing  and  this  beef  recipe  serves as our  comfort food  in this kind of weather.

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