Crispy Fried Dulong (silverfish)

In my home province, I would always see  my grandmother preparing  Kinilaw ng Dulong (silverfish). She would just put onion and vinegar and voila.. instant appetizer and ready to eat Kinilaw na Dulong!

Other than Kinilaw,  Dulong (silverfish) is also an excellent  dish  if you cook it  as Crispy Fried.   I cooked this a couple of weeks ago.  I seldom get a chance to see silverfish  in the market so when there is, I always make sure to get some  for our  lunch or dinner.

So here’s my Crispy Fried  Dulong  recipe:


1/4 kilo silverfish

2  eggs

1/4  teaspoon salt

1/4  teaspoon ground black pepper

cooking oil

Combine all the ingredients, well except of course the cooking oil.  Heat the frying pan. Pour in the cooking oil  and fry just like how you cook a pancake.  If you don’t know how to cook the pancake, then that’s your problem.  (No I am just kidding here. Of course you know,  right? Google if needed. 🙂    Serve with hot steamy rice.

For the sauce:  Mix  chopped onion, cucumber, bell pepper, ground pepper, tomato, vinegar, a little salt, ground pepper

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