Do not rely on the expiration date!

I always check the expiration date whenever I buy any food items especially the bread. I always choose a particular brand, Gardenia, for our bread and always take note of the date as when to expire. When I dropped by in a local drugstore nearby, I grabbed a another loaf bread  and  tried it for the first time and surely would be the last. It has a logo of DTI and the name of the bread itself would surely make you trust that it really tastes  good as well. But then, two days  even before the  expiration date comes, molds started to appear so I disposed it immediately. I knew that the temperature sometimes affects the freshness of the bread but I haven’t encountered such with Gardenia. It stays as fresh even beyond the date. Anyways, I’m posting this as a warning to always check and smell the food rather than rely on the expiration date.

One thought on “Do not rely on the expiration date!

  1. Pink MagaLine

    That’s why I also buy just Gardenia for loaf breads. Other than Gardenia, we also like Le Coeur de France and French Baker for baguette and Bread Talk for other breads, cakes and pastries.


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