Dynamite Roll!

I was wondering before  why daughter always  craves for dynamite. When I passed by near the vicinity of  campus university,  I saw a stall selling dynamite which was a big hit to students and other dormitory occupants. Now I understand why and all behind this  craving.

So here’s my dynamite recipe to fill up her cravings.


long green sili
ground round pork
lumpia wrapper
onion, garlic
cooking oil

In a pan, saute the garlic, onion and ground pork.

Slit the sili on one side and scrape the seeds using spoon.

Pour the sauteed pork into  sili.

Wrap them with wrapper and roll it carefully.

Once cooked, used a paper towel to drain the excess oil after frying.

Serve immediately. It tastes best while it is hot. Now, get ready with cold water because  this recipe is kind of dynamite!  It is really hot!


One thought on “Dynamite Roll!

  1. imriz

    so, ito pala un. the daughter tried to cook same thing, too nun vacation nia. nagtaka nga ako why suddenly nagpabili ng lumpiya wrapper ska green chili. she used chicken nman and nilagyan pa kuno ng cheese, maanghang pa din…as in super…pero nakakatuwa ung effort 🙂


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