Eat All You Can at Dulang Restaurant

Joyous Restaurant  is part of our itinerary as recommended by locals and reviewers  on the internet. I didn’t know about  the place but  I believed so that they serve yummy food.  It was already late when we checked out   from Las Casas  Filipinas de Acuzar  and  finding and dining  at   this restaurant   is  destined  not  to happen  that  day.

We saw Dulang Restaurant along the way and the banner “Eat-all-you-can”  caught  us that  made us dropped  by for lunch.

For the amount of P109,  you’ll get full with different choices of food.  Kare-kare, Kaldereta, Sinigang na Isda, Tinapa and more.

I couln’t believe it that I forgot to take the photos of the food at the restaurant.  I must be very hungry  that I forgot  my intention of  taking all the photos  for my  Food Trip Friday.


Dulang Restaurant is located at  Roman Super Hi-way, City of Balanga Bataan.  This is near Bataan Heroes College.  So the next time you get hungry near the  vicinity,  do drop by here and  experience their Eat-All-You-Can menu.

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