Effective Business Card

I only realized the importance of having my own card when I experienced an awkward moment in one of the events held in global city last year. A client and a PR of one company askedĀ  my contact number. I felt so unease when I handed down a piece of paper with my website address and other contact number. The most embarrassing part I encountered was that, I got no pen in my hand and just let them saved my number to their mobiles phones. It was very informal and I think it gave me a wrong impression. I’ve met different media group exchanging their clear plastic business cards and that gave me a few good ideas on how will I enhance the image of my website too. I go out from time to time when I got invites to an event so I think that I should order mine now. I think having them is a big plus because I could also got to introduce not only myself but my blogs as well.

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