Entrance test plus two more, asthma and what triggers the attack

I accompanied my daughter   to take the entrance test for Grade Seven today.  We arrived  just about five minutes before  the scheduled time. Perfect!  I already calculated the travel time  via PUV and  walk  to  and from the  school.    There’s  a thousand of applicants,  not the exact figure though,   but just imagine the number  of people   who were there waiting at the school grounds,    parents plus relatives who support  their  sons/daughters for the said  test    added  to the large crowd.  There’s a tent where parents could stay  while waiting  till  the exam is done.  Some are reading pocketbooks and  magazines  while others are busy with their gadgets like Ipad, laptop and mobile. Even if there is a place to stay with strong Wifi plus a large tent fixed with a toggle clamp and few benches to sit on,   I decided to go back home to nurse my older daughter who has an asthma. She’s still sick  right  now  but  she  feels  better  with inhaler medication. Over the years, I know well how to manage her sickness,  asthma that is.    But of course,  I cannot just take it easy because  asthma deals about breathing. When the condition is severe, this condition could be fatal.   It takes proper medication and  avoid the factors that will trigger the attack to be avoided.   The food,  allergies, environment, cold weather, smoke, viruses and stress are just some factors that can trigger  the attack.

How to avoid?  Simple.  Discover  what  triggers the attack.   Most likely, the polen from flowers on Valentine’s day plus the drastic change of weather put my daughter into this condition right  now.

Food to avoid  asthma

  • Dairy products
  • Fatty meats
  • Citrus fruits and tomatoes
  • Salty food


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