Exotic Food Trip in Pampanga

Fried Chicken, Sisig, Fried Frog, Pancit

It  wasn’t my first time to eat a fried frog in Pampanga.  I came from Batangas and  this kind of food is like a  yucky and  please never mind.   At my first try,  I was hesitant to taste it and it gave me a goose bump.  But  the  fear of eating it  did not stop me.  I thought about  celebrities of  Extreme X-Factor savoring the taste of scorpions, snakes, worms  and the likes.  If they can, why can’t I?    I  ate a bit of  this little toad  and it  was good. The next bite was big  like eating at Kentucky. 🙂    Don’t be mistaken, because  frog tastes  like frog and you wouldn’t know it,   unless you taste it.   C’mmon, savour and have a bite!

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