First Hair Symphony Orchestra

I know you have read it here or  somewhere  about the unique  concert  brought  by  a certain shampoo  brand  with violin quartet who used bows made of human hair.    Amazing, right?    They staged this concert using a customized  violin made of   hair.  I couldn’t imagine how strong every hair strand  is  to stand a  240-minute concert of  four sets.  It  was a good  way to market  a shampoo to show its strength with a record of  no breakage hair stand  on their  bows.

Now,  think  about  classic numark dj mixers at guitar center  and  how it  would  make  a difference  from other instrument.  If  they made a historic concert  with high hopes of making it to Guinness Worlds of Records with the first hair symphony orchestra,  probably  they can think another event in the future,  maybe a customized guitar too.  What do you  think?  Let me know your thoughts.


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