Flambe at Eat Your Heart Out

Flambé (/flɒmˈbeɪ/, French: [flɑ̃be]; also spelled flambe), is a cooking procedure in which alcohol is added to a hot pan to create a burst of flames. The word means flamed in French (thus, in French, flambé is a past participle; the verb is flamber).

Flambéing is also a step in making  other dishes and sauces, using spirits, before they are brought to the table. By rapidly burning off the volatile alcohol, flambéing can infuse a dish with additional aroma and flavor, and moderates the harshness of raw, high-proof spirits.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flamb%C3%A9


Flavors on Fire Chef Michelle Adrillana  and Philip, The Lifestyle Guy  invited us for a cocktail and dinner yesterday, December 13,2013 at Berghoff Kitchen.    Lifestyle and food bloggers attended the event. It was also the soft launch of Philip, Lifestyle Guy’s website, Lifestyles-philipabadicio.com

Eat Your Heart Out is a food and lifestyle event that features the chefs of the new generation with the special participation of the country’s celebrated master chefs as well.

Photos above:  Philip Lifestyle Guy,  Flavors on Fire Chef  Michelle Adrillana and  Lifestyle Blogger Joy Mendiola who tried  to flambe.

Detailed post of the event to be posted  soon. Please stay tuned.




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