Food Fair Tips

I just posted a press release for a food fair to be  held at NBC.  I think I wouldn’t  make it as it coincides with another event in our hometown.   I  was invited at  the said event together with my kids.  It wasn’t  my  first  time  to  attend such show and it  was truly amazing seeing  different  products and  other food related shows.  If I can squeeze-in my time, I will attend on day one of the show  to  discover  new products.

Below  are some tips when participating in a food  fair.

Prepare a lot of brochures, business cards and other freebies.

Make sure to  prepare some goodies and cookies in a basket for free. Prepare bits of the food for tasting arrange with  the  best fitted table covers for trade shows  to draw attention and to make your product easily remembered by the  attendees.

Make sure you have enough staff to assist you. When you need to run errands,  make sure that there is  somebody to  take over to man the booth.

Be prepared in everything. Contact the organizer and check the full details including the layout of the area. You might need extra electrical outlet, tables and chairs.

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